Whats the first thing you have to do when building a 2.0 escort on the cheap?

In my case it was collect a free 2.0S Capri for the Engine gearbox front struts and rear brakes.


All the parts I thought I would need were removed and the shell scrapped.

My brother came up trumps with a MK2 Escort belonging to a friend. The 1300 sport escort was a two owner car with only 70K but had been stolen and crashed. The owner had retrieved it, then parked it in his fatherís garage and forgot about it for several years.

To get it home, we had to drag it out of the garage with a van! check out the skid marks we left in the guys drive! Then it was just a case of freeing of the brakes, tie it to a rope and pull it home.

Initial Inspection Stripdown Putting It Back And Again Finished? Moving On At Last The Next One Finally