I have recently had a hankering to build a MK2 Escort for occasional track-days and generally frightening myself.

I have built several escorts over the years, but they have always been on incredibly small budgets and there has always had to be compromises in the build. 

I started looking for a suitable donor car, and soon realised that escorts are expensive, even real sheds. So then I thought, if i'm going to build an escort, it would be nice to re-do one of my previous examples.

I started with the DVLA car tax website punching in registration numbers of cars I have owned previously. Amazingly some are still on the road, others are on active SORN's but the one I was really interested in a 1977 MK2 Escort 1300 Sport that I learnt to weld on, and converted to a 2.0 litre showed the following info:-


The vehicle details for PON 14R are:

Date of Liability 01 01 2005

Date of First Registration 01 04 1977

Year of Manufacture 1977

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1993CC

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type Petrol

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status Unlicensed

Vehicle Colour ORANGE

Vehicle Type Approval null

The information contained on this page is correct at the time of enquiry.

Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle

6 Months Rate 104.50

12 Months Rate 190.00

So she hadn't been on the road since 2004 and was now orange, but had been roadworthy 4 years ago, so was possibly sat in a garage unloved, or stuck on a driveway somewhere........

Then sat at work one lunchtime I googled the registration, and there it was. Just one hit linking to the OldSkoolFord Forum and a guy asking if anyone had pictures of PON14R


It turns out the car was written off in 2004 and is no more.......

So that is the end of that particular dream. I shall continue to look for a suitable car

In answer to the request for pictures of PON14R, I have dug out my photo album which has a lot of pictures taken whilst I was learning to weld on PON14R and I have scanned some of them into this web space.

When viewing these pictures, please bare in mind they are scanned photo's and not digital photographs so the quality isn't great.

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